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The author, Lilian DeOliveira, has written a children’s story about dealing with peanut allergies. It is imaginative and fun for all ages!

In our kid’s book, we are raising awareness and encouragement in a fun way about food allergies. We do this by helping them learn what they need to know for the future so that their allergy can’t stop them from any of it!

teal ribbon

This book is excellent for kids who suffer from peanut allergies and teaches them how to manage the condition.

Food Allergies & food Intolerance

Food allergies

Food allergies are a severe medical issue that can cause kids to experience different symptoms, including digestive problems and hives. Severe reactions could be fatal if not treated quickly enough with an antihistamine medication like Benadryl or something similar designed for these purposes!

Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is a condition where your body does not produce enough of one or more key enzymes to break down foods. This can cause digestive problems after eating a particular food item, which will result in discomfort such as bloating and cramps.

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