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If your child has a food allergy, it can be hard for both of you. It may seem like it is difficult to know what to do, but there are ways to help kids with food allergies stay safe. Here are some tips:

Educate Your Child About Their Allergy
It is important to educate your child about his/her food allergy so they have a good understanding of what it means and how to deal with it. Teach them the foods they should avoid and the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction so they can recognize when something isn’t right. Also make sure they understand why it is important to follow their doctor’s orders regarding medications, dietary restrictions and other precautions related to the allergy.

Incorporate Fun into Meal Prep
Meal prep time can be fun! Let your kids get involved in the kitchen by giving them age-appropriate tasks such as measuring ingredients, stirring batter or adding toppings. Not only will this help make mealtime less intimidating for them, but it will also help foster independence and strengthen their cooking skills which will come in handy when they’re older. Plus, you may even discover a few new recipes along the way!

Plan Ahead Whenever Possible
When dining out or attending events where food will be served, always plan ahead! Make sure your child knows what dishes may contain allergens that could affect him/her before entering the restaurant or walking into the party. It’s also important to review any potential menu items before ordering so you can ask questions if needed about ingredients or preparation methods used in certain dishes. And don’t forget to keep emergency medication on hand just in case!

Dealing with food allergies can be hard sometimes, but there are things that parents and caregivers can do to help. It is important to teach your child about their allergy. This includes showing them how to recognize the signs and symptoms, and also how to enjoy meal prep time. With this knowledge, families can better manage food allergies together—and have some fun while doing it too!


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