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In this book, the author gives practical ideas as well as encouragement to live without fear for those who have experienced allergies.

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7 reviews for ARE YOU NUTS?

  1. Faye Sant’Anna

    Lilian does an excellent job explaining about peanuts and peanuts allergies. Even as an adult I learned. The book is colorful, fun, the story is beautiful. I loved it and cannot wait for the next books to come out. The children will feel empowered and not ashamed or labeled because of allergies. A shot of encouragement to all.

  2. Alexandra silva

    In this book Lilian teaches how to deal with allergies , her daughters won and now she teaches us to deal with this

  3. Zelia Mulin

    A very interesting book. Mrs. Vida (The Peanut) lets the children know that she can also be a friend at a distance and that’s ok! I loved it!
    Kindergarten Teacher Assistant, MA.

  4. Angel Huss

    I have 3 children and this book has been added to our bedtime storybook rotation! It’s so bright and vibrant – exactly what kids love! I love how the author uses creative characters to make learning fun and personal. Food allergies are not something my family and I have dealt with on a personal level but this book sparked questions from my 3 year old and opened up a whole new discussion we’ve never had before! It’s so good to be educated and informed on things that are affecting loved ones around us so that we can respect their needs and love them right. Well done, Lilian!

  5. Terry Mashino

    This is such an adorable book ! Very informative and yet well done in beautiful descriptive characters in relation to giving children understanding and peace.

  6. Julie A Creek

    As a preschool teacher I find this book a must for every classroom for kids of all ages! The explanations are educational, the content is wonderful, and the illustrations are colorful and eye catching. This book can easily be used as part of teaching series on food, or units including George Washington Carver. My favorite part is the explanation and illustrations about cross- contamination! You won’t be disappointed!

  7. Pam Shuck

    This book is great for school aged children that may be facing allergies of their own. The book has wonderful illustrations, and is written for children to easily understand nut allergies. It is great too for classmates to gain an understanding of what their friends may be facing if diagnosed with this allergy. “Are You Nuts?” is a great addition to a classroom library.

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